How to Quiet Noisy Tires

How to Quiet Noisy Tires that are Driving You Crazy

Noisy tires can ruin an otherwise perfect drive on a beautiful day. If you have noisy tires and you’re wondering what to do, you’re in the right place. Today, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to quiet noisy tires.

Learning the right steps to quiet down your noisy tires not only makes your ride more peaceful but can also keep you safer on the road.

So let’s get right into it!

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways of the Article
  • Checking the seals and soundproofing your doors might be enough to keep out the noise.
  • The noise might indicate a serious problem. Bring your vehicle to be checked by a mechanic.
  • Some tires are designed to be more quiet. Consider investing in a set of those.

How to Cut Down on the Noise of My Tires?

There are several steps you can take to help reduce and prevent noise from your tires when driving.

How to Cut Down on the Noise of My Tires?

Some of the best steps that will help you do this include:

  • Checking the door seals
  • Soundproofing your vehicle doors
  • Installing a new wheel-well liner
  • Checking the wheel bearings
  • Replacing your tires with quieter ones

If you try some combination of these steps, you should be able to make your ride more comfortable and reduce or avoid obtrusive tire noise.

Check the Seals on the Doors

This is the first thing you should do if you notice noise from your tires. If your doors aren’t adequately sealed, you could end up with a lot of noise coming into your car.

Soundproof the Car Doors

If you find that properly sealing the doors hasn’t kept out enough of the noise, you could also consider soundproofing them.

Soundproofing the Car Doors

There are some automotive soundproofing materials that you can use to help limit the amount of noise that you hear when driving on the road.

Soundproof the Floor of the Vehicle

If you’re still able to hear tire noise even after sealing and soundproofing the doors, the noise is probably coming at you from another direction.

Specifically, it’s probably coming from the bottom of the vehicle. You can add some soundproofing materials to this area in order to block the noise out.

Something like foam pads or even just normal floor mats could be the trick to reduce the noise.

Install a New Wheel Well Liner

One of the worst tire sounds you will hear is if you need new wheel well liners.

Install a New Wheel Well Liner

If you’re driving on roads that have stray pebbles and they get kicked into an exposed wheel well, the clanging can be really loud. This can damage your car, too.

The good news is that there is a simple solution to this problem.

You need to overlay the metal with a material that won’t make as much noise. Some competent DIYers can make their own liner to help with this, but a wheel well liner is often easier to install.

To install a wheel well liner, you’ll just need to wiggle and bend the plastic bit as you pop it into place, making sure to screw it in when you are done.

Check the Wheel Bearings

Sometimes the noise you’re hearing may have to do with the wheel bearings. If you suspect this at all, you should bring your vehicle to a mechanic and have them check it out.

Check the Wheel Bearings

They can do a complete checkup of your tires and establish whether there is evidence of faulty wheel bearings, uneven tread wear, and a number of other problems as well.

If the mechanic concludes that the wheel bearing is causing the noise, it’s definitely time to replace it.

They will start by removing the tire and then the cover over the brake to get to the bearing.

They can then disconnect the bearing and replace it before putting everything back.

If this was the cause of all the noise, the new wheel bearing will help to make your ride quieter.

Pick Out a Set of Quiet Tires

If your tires started to be loud from the moment you put them on your vehicle, or if you notice that the tread of the current tires has worn off completely, it is time to go and get a new set.

Quiet Tires

As you shop for the perfect set of tires, make sure to go with a brand and model that is known for being quiet.

There are several features that you can look for to ensure your tires will be quiet. These include:

  • Softer rubber
  • Smaller sizes
  • Semi-closed shoulders that are reinforced
  • Some circumferential channels that are found all around the tire
  • Narrow spaces between the blocks
  • A shallow tread with an even pattern

Check out customer reviews before you decide on which tires to buy. See if they say anything about how quiet (or not) the tire is.

Of course, you also need to carefully read all the information from the tire brand and manufacturer.

Which Tires are the Noisiest?

When it comes to your passenger car tire, you will find that the touring/all-season and the performance tires will often produce the least amount of the noise. Winter tires, particularly studded winter tires, tend to make the most.

Which Tires are the Noisiest?

When it comes to light trucks and SUVs, highway touring and all-terrain tires tend to produce the least amount of noise. Studded winter tires, on the other hand, cause the most.

Common Noises in Your Tires

You may notice that there are a few different types of noises that you will hear when it comes to your tires acting up.

The one that you hear will help you determine how you need to get them fixed. Here are the three most common types of tire noises that you may hear.


Squealing is often caused when tires have a problem gripping the road. If the tires are not aligned well, you may get squealing until the problem is fixed.

Tires Squealing


A humming noise from your tires may mean that there is a problem with the wheel bearings or the tires have uneven wear.

If you have either of these problems, bring your vehicle to the professionals for help.

Unusual Tire Noises

These can come from tire alignment problems, overinflated tires, and worn-down suspension parts.

Overinflated Tires

Depending on the noise that you hear, you will need to determine the best way to fix the tires and get back on the road.

Now You Know How to Quiet Noisy Tires

No one wants to deal with a lot of noise when they’re driving, especially at higher speeds.

With the help of some of the tips I’ve provided here, you’ll be able to cut down on some of the noise and enjoy your next trip.

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