Best Place to Buy Tires Online

Best Place to Buy Tires Online (+how much you’ll save)

Most people aren’t sure what to buy when it’s time to purchase tires, but these days you’ve got options. Taking whatever the local tire shop recommends isn’t required thanks to amazing free shipping offers and the ability to research online and find the best deal. Today I’ll share why is the best place to buy tires online, explaining why it’s a good option to order from them instead of going local.

I’ll also share some of my favorite alternatives to TireRack, so you can comparison shop and make sure you’re getting the best deal on your tire purchase. Let’s get right into it.

The best places to purchase tires online include, Walmart, Amazon, and These locations have the widest range of tires available for you to choose from, offer fast delivery, and customer satisfaction guarantees that can give you the peace of mind to ensure you get the right tire each time.

Let’s take a closer look at these top tire retailers online so that you can make a smart decision about where to get your tires online. is reader supported. If you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Top Online Retailers of Tires

There’s a plethora of places you can visit to get a new pair of tires for your vehicle. While many customers choose to go to a local tire expert to get their tires done, looking online can be a smart decision.

Buying Tires Online

Buying tires online allows you to look for specific tire models that may be hard to find locally. You may also be able to pick out tires at a good discount by cutting out one of the middle-men.

As you search for tires online, it is important to go with some of the top retailers to ensure you get the exact product you are looking for and that you won’t get scammed with poor quality or a tire that won’t keep you safe.

Best Places to Buy Tires Online

Some of the top places you can choose to research to find tires online include:

Buying Tires Online at

In my experience, is the best place to buy tires online. This company has a wide selection of tires, including other parts and accessories to help keep you safe on the road.

Buying Tires Online at

You will be able to go on their website and find the right tire for you, based on the type of vehicle or the size and even reviews from other customers.

Choosing Your Installer

Once you know which tire will be right for you, you can get it shipped directly to the installer to save time. Shipping to the installer is free, helping make the tire more affordable.

Customers are able to choose which installer they would like to use or they can use’s installer finder to make sure they find someone who can get it done for them.

Ship to a Tire Installer Easily from TireRack's website.

This site is nice because it takes a lot of the work out of it for you. Since most car owners are not going to install their own tires when they come in, having the tire go directly to someone who knows how to handle the work can be nice.

There is also a good selection of tires to choose from, so it is more likely that you will find the one you want to use. And there is even free shipping to make life easier for everyone.

When you use, you will be able to search for tires based on a number of criteria. You can choose based on:

  • Vehicle type
  • Size
  • Brand
  • Category
  • Wheel diameter

They also have a number of winter and snow tires to choose from. Those go under their own separate category so you know which type you are using.

A Unique Take on Reviews

As you decide which tire is right for you, TireRack also provides a robust review section for almost every tire, so you can see what real customers are saying about the various models and make the right decision. You can search by tire brand or find reviews from others who drive the same make and model car as you. Reviews

To me, this is really cool and I think it’s a great way to find inspiration. With this tool you can see which tires work well for your vehicle if you’re not sure where to start.

While buying tires online can feel overwhelming, Tire Rack makes it easy. You can try this feature out right here and search for your vehicle to find the tires other people driving your car love.

Should You Buy Your Tires from Tire Rack?


There are a lot of benefits to choosing to work with when you need to order a new pair of tires. Some of these include:

  • Many tires to choose from
  • Easy to search through all the tires to find what you need
  • Shipping is fast and free
  • Send the tire to your favorite installer to save time
  • Look at customer reviews before purchasing

While there are a lot of reasons to fall in love with when shopping for your tires, there are also some drawbacks to consider. The drawbacks of using this website include:

  • This website is not one-stop shopping. You still have to decide on a local shop to help get the tires installed.
  • The returns are more complicated and you will likely need to pay the return shipping.

Buying Tires Online from Amazon

Many customers recognize Amazon and have been using it for many of their own shopping needs for years now. So it should come as no surprise that Amazon is one of the best places to buy tires online. They make it easy to buy just about anything.

Buying Tires Online from Amazon

While Amazon is relatively new to selling tires, it is making some headway because it can be simply a place to look around and find some of the tires that you need. Since you already shop with Amazon, it can make a lot of sense to just purchase the tires from there to start.

Worth it if You Have Prime (we all do, right?)

One positive of shopping for your tires through Amazon is that you will be able to use your personal Amazon Prime membership in order to get free shipping. Compared to some of the online retailers, Amazon can save you a ton of money and it’s often a more affordable option.

Many customers appreciate Amazon’s large selection of tires. You will be able to type in the name, brand, and other types of information on the tire you’re seeking, and you’ll pull up a wide selection of options that you are sure to love in terms of tires.

But there’s one huge caveat with Amazon: while you may be able to find some high-quality tires, they also sells a lot of off-brand garbage tires. Be careful when choosing a tire for your needs.

Once the tire is shipped to your location, you will either need to put it on the vehicle itself or you’ll have to take it to a tire expert to do the work for you. This provides an extra step that you won’t have to deal with if you order from but is usually an easy one to solve. Overall, purchasing your tires from Amazon can be a smart decision.

Should You Buy Your Tires from Amazon?


There are many reasons why customers would choose to purchase their tires from Amazon rather than one of the other online retailers. Some of these benefits include:

  • You are already shopping on Amazon and are familiar with how the website works.
  • You can get free shipping on most of the tires you want to purchase.
  • Many great tires to choose from

While it may be easier to choose tires from the website, there are a few drawbacks to choosing to purchase your tires from here. Some of the drawbacks include:

  • You will have to find your own installers.
  • While Amazon provides many great tires, they can also provide a lot of junk tires. Customers will have to be careful about their choices.

Buying Tires Online from

Another choice that you can make when purchasing your tires online is to go with They have a wide range of tires that you are able to choose, including some of the best names on the market. - a Great Place to Buy Tires Online

They also offer some of the lowest prices on the biggest brands, making it a smart place to shop when you want to keep safe on the road while also saving money.

When searching for tires, you can go with the exact name of the tire if you know which one you would like, or you can search by size, by type, and by vehicle to help out if you are not sure which tire is the best or you are simply looking for the best deal.

Once you pick out the tire that you want, you will get to enjoy free and fast shipping, right to your door. This will make it a smart decision to save money and not have to waste money on all of those heavy shipping fees.

Priority Tire can also help you to find your favorite installer or can send it over to the tire expert of your choice, saving you the time and hassle of dealing with it on your own.

Should You Buy Your Tires from Priority Tire?


There are a number of reasons why you would want to choose to work with rather than one of the other brands. These benefits include:

  • The shipping is free, saving you a lot of money
  • There are some great discounts compared to the other websites.
  • It is very simple to find the tires that you need.

While there are a number of reasons why you would want to choose to purchase your tires from, there are also a few drawbacks to choosing this company. Some of the drawbacks of choosing include:

  • The selection is more limited than some of the others, even with the discounts.
  • You will have to find your own installer.

Buying Tires Online from Walmart

Walmart is a company that purchases items in really large amounts from around the world in order to get the best discounts on those items. They then turn around and give those discounts to their customers.

Buying Tires Online from Walmart

And this is the same method they use to provide high-quality tires at an affordable price to their customers. Many of their stores will also have on-site tire shops so you can get the tire installed as soon as it comes in.

While Walmart can sell some less expensive tires if you choose, they also offer the same tires that Tire Rack and other similar retailers online are going to offer, but at a much more affordable price.

Shopping for the right tire can be simple with You can add in the make and model or search for tires based on the type of car you have or the size of tire that is needed. It is also possible to go into the store and talk to their tire shop to determine which tires are the best ones for your vehicle.

Should You Buy Your Tires from Walmart?


There are a lot of reasons why customers will choose to look at to help them find some of the great tires that they need. Some of the best benefits of choosing includes:

  • They often have tires at a more affordable price than some of the other online retailers.
  • They have their own locations available so you can go in and get the new tire installed.
  • They have a great 90-day customer satisfaction to make it easier to see if the tires are right for you.

While makes it easier for you to choose a great pair of tires for your needs, there are a few drawbacks of choosing to purchase your tires from this location. Some of the drawbacks of choosing to get tires from includes:

  • The tire shop at Walmart can take a long time to get the tires on and it is a pain to take the tires somewhere else.
  • Not all Walmart stores are going to have tire shops
  • Walmart sometimes struggles to have happy customers

Why Should I Purchase Tires Online?

What's the Best Place to Buy Tires Online?

While you could choose to go into a tire shop and pick out some tires yourself, many customers find that it is more convenient for them to purchase the tires they need online.

There are many great reasons to consider purchasing a new pair of tires online including:

  • Price: Many customers will be able to find the exact same tire online for less than they can get it at the local tire shop. The savings can add up quickly when you need to replace all four tires. Customers should check more than one online retailer to make sure they are getting the best price for their tires.
  • Selection: Online retailers offer more of a selection than most local shops can, even some of the larger regional chain stores. If you have a specific type of tire that you like to choose for your vehicle, it may be worth it to search online to find it.
  • Customer service: Many online tire retailers are great at customer service, providing you the help you need when shopping around for a tire that will keep you safe on the road.
  • Fast shipping: Most online tire retailers will be able to get the tires to you quickly. The exact amount of time will depend on the type of tire, your location, and whether it is in stock, but it is possible to get it to you in a few days.
  • Lots of information: Online retailers will ensure you have a lot of information on the tire so you can make the best purchase decision possible. You will know the suggested replacements, the right winter tires, good reviews from customers, and more before purchasing.

The Best Place to Buy Tires Online is TireRack

I hope I’ve explained exactly why I feel is the best place to buy tires online.

There are a lot of reasons you may want to choose to purchase your tires online. Doing so allows you to pick the right brand and find some great discounts that may not be available in your local tire shop.

Where to Buy Tires Online

And with so many different options to go with, it is no wonder that so many people enjoy searching and purchasing online.

When you are looking for a new set of tires for your vehicle, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible. So check out the great options above and see how simple it can be to purchase high-quality tires online.

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