How Long Can You Drive on a Full Size Spare Tire

How Long Can You Drive on a Full Size Spare Tire?

Some drivers keep a full-size tire as their spare. It’s more durable than a donut spare. I’ve used a full-size tire as my spare before, and today I’ll share all the information you need. That includes my answer to the question, how long can you drive on a full-size spare tire?

If you plan to take a long trip and want to stay safe when you will be far from help if something goes wrong, a full-size spare tire could be the best choice.

Despite some of the benefits of a full-size spare tire, it will still have some limitations you need to worry about. For example, a full-size tire will take up more room when storing it in your vehicle, and it will weigh more.

My main focus here will be how long you can drive on a full-size spare tire. Let’s get into it!

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways of the Article
  • You can usually drive as far as 100 miles on a full-size spare tire.
  • Full-size tires last much longer than donut spare tires.
  • Many vehicles don’t have enough space to keep a full-size spare tire.

How Long Will My Full-Size Spare Tire Last?

You can drive up to 100 miles on a full size spare tire safely before you need to get a replacement. This will help you get a little further and stay safe when you have a long distance to travel by car.

You should check the owner’s manual for your vehicle to see how far and how fast you can drive on the full-size spare tire that is in your vehicle. Before a big trip, take the time to inspect and replace the tire if something is wrong, and check the tire pressure before you depart so it’s ready to go if you need it.

How Long Will My Full-Size Spare Tire Last

Yes, a full-size spare will have a longer lifespan than donut tires. That is why if you have enough space in your vehicle, you should certainly consider keeping a full-size tire as a spare.

However, you shouldn’t consider any kind of spare tire a permanent fix.

The best part about a full-size tire is that it is going to work similar to your regular car tires. It will help you to feel more comfortable on the road and is safer than a donut tire.

You should still use caution when you put the full-size spare tire onto the vehicle. Try to go no further than 100 miles on the tire and be aware that the tire may not have the same traction or treads that you find with your other tires.

How Fast Can I Drive On A Full-Size Tire?

While you should stay slower than 50 miles per hour on a donut tire, you can go a little faster on a full-size spare tire.

How Fast Can I Drive On A Full-Size Tire

For the most part, you will be able to drive the speed limit on the full-size spare, but this depends on the road conditions.

You can put it on the vehicle and then decide how comfortable you feel.

You probably don’t want to speed down the road, but you will likely find it safe to go faster than 50 miles per hour when you use the full-size tire.

What are Full-Size Spare Tires?

Most of the spare tires you will find aren’t full-size. Instead, they’re donut spares. These are smaller tires that can get you out of trouble in an emergency, but they don’t last as long as full-size spare tires.

What are Full-Size Spare Tires

Full-size spare tires, on the other hand, provide more durability and safety. These tires are the same size as standard tires.

As I mentioned earlier, many drivers don’t have enough space in their vehicles to store a full-size spare tire.

You can choose to get either a non-matching or a matching option for your vehicle. The matching tire will look exactly the same as the other three tires that are on your vehicle.

A non-matching tire is very similar to a standard tire, but it won’t have as much tread or weigh as much.

While the less tread means it won’t offer the same level of safety, it will save you some space in your vehicle. Also, it will be a bit easier to install than a matching tire.

A full-size tire as a spare can have some drawbacks, but the benefit is that it usually gives you more time before you need to get a permanent replacement. For example, you could probably wait until another day instead of immediately going to a service station.

Do I Ever Need to Replace My Unused Spare Tire?

Yes, you certainly do need to replace your spare tires, even if you’ve never used them. That is because tires degrade and lose quality over time, even when they’re just in storage.

Do I Ever Need to Replace My Unused Spare Tire

Even if you don’t use the spare, you should get it replaced at least every six years to be safe. Never use a spare tire that is older than ten years old. It’s dangerous!

Also, make sure you regularly inspect your spare tire, to make sure there aren’t any signs of damage. I recommend doing this at least twice a year.

Look for any issues on the outside of the tire and ensure that the PSI is at the right level. You should do an extra inspection if you’re planning a long drive soon.

For a full-size spare, it is a good idea to put the tire on your rotation schedule. This can help keep it usable and will let the other tires last a little bit longer.

How to Inspect Your Spare Tire

Like the other components of your car, you need to do regular inspections of your spare tire. Here are the things to look at.

Check the Tire Pressure

Remember to occasionally check your spare tire’s PSI. This will help make sure that it’s always ready to go and that it will perform well.

How to Check the Tire Pressure

Look for Deterioration

At least twice a year, take the spare tire out and check for punctures and any signs of deterioration.

If you see any damage on the spare tire, it’s time for you to get a new one. If the tire is more than 8 years old, you should get a replacement whether or not you notice any issues.

Remember to Check for Recalls

Manufacturers occasionally recall tires when there are problems discovered with how they were produced. Safety issues are a common reason for recalls.

When you have a spare tire, it’s easy to lose track of things like this. So, make sure to regularly find out whether there are any recalls on the tire model that you have. Ask your mechanic and look online to find out.

If there is a recall on your spare tire, don’t use it. Replace it as soon as you can.

Final Thoughts: How Long Can You Drive on a Full-Size Spare Tire?

There are a lot of benefits to choosing a full-size tire. It can provide you with a tire that is similar to what is already on the vehicle and will allow you more time to drive on the road before you need to go to a service station.

Since they’re more expensive and take up more space inside of your vehicle, they may not be the best choice for everyone.

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