Best All Season Tires for Snow

Best All Season Tires for Snow [2023 Buyer’s Guide]

A good all-season tire is a crucial road safety ingredient. As long as you don’t live way up north with extremely severe winters, a good all-season tire will be perfect for the entire year, on both wet and dry roads. And since you’ll only need one set of tires for the whole year, they can also save you money. But how do you choose the best all-season tires for snow, and which are the ones to avoid?

Some all-season tires perform poorly in winter weather, but others can hold their own. If you buy the wrong ones and the conditions get too difficult, you could be headed for an accident.

Not every all-season tire will provide the traction, performance, and durability that you need when driving on the snow and ice.

This article will take a look at some of the best all-season tires for snow and ice.

While there are a lot of great all-season tires on the market, in my opinion, the best all-season tire for snow is the Michelin CrossClimate2.

This tire has all of the features that you need in an all-season tire, along with some additional features that you may not have expected. In fact, it’s often compared to a winter tire in terms of its performance and durability, without the high price tag.

My Favorite All-Season Tires for Snow & Ice

Toyo Celsius CUV A - Best Traction All Season Tire for Snow

Toyo Celsius CUV A

You want a tire that will not only keep you safe but give you a comfortable ride. This tire is the one that can get it done.

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Michelin CrossClimate2 Tire - The Best All Season Tire for Snow

Michelin CrossClimate2

When you need a tire that can handle deeper snow than other all-season tires, you’ll love this Michelin model.

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General Altimax RT43 Best Value All Season Tire for Snow

General AltiMax RT43

This tire is right for you if you’re looking for a budget-friendly tire that still has all of the features and performance of the other all-season tires.

Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Check Price on is reader supported. If you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Below I’ll highlight the best features of the tremendous Michelin CrossClimate 2, along with sharing some other solid options.

I’ll also reveal where you can buy your tires online to save some cash.

What to Look For When Buying All-Season Tires for Winter

Choosing the right all-season tire for your vehicle is an important decision, and that’s especially true if you’ll be using it in winter weather.

After all, the winter has challenging driving conditions, including snow and ice.

All Season Tires for Snow

Here are some of the things you should look for when purchasing your tires.

Tire Size

Tire size is an important factor. You should consider the aspect ratio.

It tells you the sidewall’s height as a percentage of the tire’s width.

The higher this number is, the taller the sidewall.

You’ll find that the aspect ratio usually falls between 30 and 60.

An aspect ratio between 30 to 40 means it’s a low-profile tire. If it’s between 45 and 60, the tire is probably meant for SUVs and sedans.

Speed Rating

You should also check the speed rating on the tires. This will determine how fast the tires can run safely for extended periods, and even the performance of the tires.

Tread-Wear Information

You should also look at the information on treadwear to see how well the tires will last you. this and the tire mileage warranty will help you know how long the tire will last on your car.

The higher the number, the longer you can rely on the tires to last you as well.

Manufacturing Date Code

Look to see what the manufacturing date code is on the tire. This should include both the month and the year that the tire was made.

Make sure that you get a tire that is as new as possible or it can wear out on you.

Type of Tires

Take a look at the tire to ensure that it is the type that you would like. In this case, you are looking for all-season tires, so ensure that you choose a tire that is considered all-season.


The most expensive tire is not always the best when it comes to all-season tires, but you also do not want to skimp and choose a tire that will not have the great features that you want.

Look at the price and compare with other similar all-season tires to see which one is the best.

Braking Distance

Take a look at the braking distance on the tires you choose. You want ones that are able to brake relatively quickly on the ice and snow to keep you safe.

If the tire has a longer braking distance, it could mean you are at risk for a big accident if you are not careful.

Things to Avoid When Buying All-Season Tires for Winter

There are a few things that you need to avoid when it comes to purchasing an all-season tire that you can safely use in winter weather.

What are the Best All Season Tires for Snow?

Here are the things to watch out for and avoid.

Too Low Price

While it’s nice to save some money on your tires, you also need to be careful about ones that are surprisingly cheap.

If the price is strangely low, the tires may be made from substandard materials that mean you’ll slide right into a ditch when the road is wet or icy.


While off-brand tires may seem like a good deal, they may not go through some of the rigorous testing that name-brand tires do. They could put your safety at risk, especially in winter weather.

All-Terrain Tires

While some all-terrain tires are going to be just fine on snow and ice, it’s best to stay away from these.

If you’re especially worried about wet, icy, and snowy road conditions, you need to choose an all-season or a winter tire, rather than an all-terrain tire.

Older Tires

Make sure that you’re purchasing a newer tire when you go to the store. Tires do have an expiration date on them.

If you choose one that is past that date, then you are putting yourself at risk.

Low Treads

You need to pick out a tire with excellent treads. If the tread is too low, you could end up in a dangerous situation.

That’s because the tread is what lets your tire grip the road.

My List of the Best All-Season Tires for Snow and Ice

Picking the best all-season tires for your vehicle will help keep you safe on the road and makes it easier to navigate slick winter roads. These are some of my favorite all-season tires that perform well in winter.

Below I’ll explain what makes each of these tires a good choice for different applications.

Michelin Cross Climate 2

Michelin CrossClimate 2 Tire

When you want the best that all-season tires can offer, this option from Michelin will provide you with the best results across the board.

You’ll enjoy the durability, comfort, and performance of these tires in many different driving conditions.

The all-directional tread design on the tires will provide you with the best handling and response in all types of weather.

This product provides a good deal of flexibility for harsh winters all the way to dry summers, providing the necessary durability and traction.

It also comes with other great technologies, including Sipelock 3D technology, to help with siping and traction on the road.

By choosing this tire, you’ll get the 3 PMSF rating, which means it is also the perfect winter tire.

In terms of comfort, you will love the PIANO noise reduction for a better driving experience. These tires come with a 60,000-mile warranty.

The biggest issue with these tires is that they are more expensive than some of the others.

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More Information About the Michelin Cross Climate 2 Tire

Load Index Rating103
Speed RatingV
Tire Aspect Ratio55
Comfort on the roadYes
Warranty60,000 miles
  • Durable
  • Has a 3 PMSD rating on each one
  • Heat-adapting compounds
  • PIANO noise reduction for a quiet ride
  • Great traction
  • Higher price than others

This tire has superior durability. You might consider the higher price a downside, but overall, this is the all-season tire to choose.

Where to Buy:

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady Tire

Although this tire has been around for years, it’s still one of the best all-season tires that you can choose from Goodyear.

There are a number of features that make this an outstanding tire.

The tread compound is made from soybeans, which allows for a good deal of flexibility in all weather conditions, including snowy winter weather.

The gear design is also asymmetrical. The spikes that are moved around are there to provide impressive traction at all times.

Even when the tire is starting to wear down, it is able to maintain reliable traction all the time. The 3D Treadlock Technology will provide excellent traction for both wet and dry surfaces.

The biggest drawback of this tire is that the dry performance is a bit lower than other similar tires. But when it comes to wet and snowy conditions, you won’t find many tires that are going to do better than this one.

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More Facts About the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady Tire

Load Index Rating94
Speed RatingV
Tire Aspect Ratio55
  • Affordable price
  • 3D Treadlock technology that provides the best traction
  • Constant traction, even when the tread is worn out.
  • Special asymmetrical gear design
  • Flexible tread compound that does well in all conditions.
  • Its dry performance is not as good as other tires

One of this tire’s disadvantages is its relatively low-quality performance on dry roads.

However, it’s a great choice in all other situations when it comes to handling, traction, and reliability.

Where to Buy:

Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Tire

This is a great tire option from Bridgestone, providing you with the superior handling that you need for both wet and dry road conditions.

It provides the ride comfort that you need without all the bouncing and other issues while providing a long amount of treadwear as well.

While it may struggle a bit with the deeper snow, it can do well in most types of weather, keeping you safe on the road.

TireRack has rated this tire as one of the best when it comes to all-season on-road refinement. There are a few drivers that noticed that the ride comfort did go down after 30,000 miles, but most drivers didn’t experience this.

Overall, when you need a tire that is going to last a long time and does well on snow and ice, especially when they are packed down, you will find that this tire from Bridgestone is the right one for you.

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More Information About the Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack Tire

Loading Index Rating96
Speed RatingH
Tire Aspect Ratio195
  • Provides the ride comfort you need
  • Good treadwear life
  • Excellent dry and wet road performance.
  • Low ice traction compared to other tires
  • Not great for heavy snow

If you need tires for wet conditions or a bit of snow, you won’t find a better option on the market. It does struggle a bit with ice and heavy snow though, but the ride comfort can make it the tire to choose.

Where to Buy:

Toyo Celsius CUV A

Toyo Celsius CUV A Tire

This tire is made from materials that help improve the traction ability on many terrains, and especially when you are on snow and ice.

This is one of the best tires that come with specialized ski tracks, which help it perform well on the ice while also absorbing the snow, providing traction and some of the best handling on the market.

Another advantage of this tire is that it provides a great deal of smoothness because of its ribs. This is going to help block a lot of the noise and will provide a more comfortable driving experience.

In addition to the traction and the handling, this tire provides great braking on ice and a great warranty.

However, despite the warranty service that goes behind the long tire life, this tire is not going to be the best in rough terrain.

You will need to keep it on flat roads and you may be disappointed at how quickly the tire can get damaged on a gravel surface.

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Learn More About the Toyo Celsius CUV A Tire

Load Index Rating92
Speed RatingH
Tire Aspect Ratio60
  • Provides an extended warranty
  • Can brake really well on the ice
  • Multi-wave ribbed for the best in comfort
  • High sipe density
  • Unique tire compounds
  • Not good for rocky terrain at all.

Although there are a few drawbacks to this tire, this is a great one that performs the traction and braking performance that you need in the winter.

The cost makes this one of the best all-season tires.

Where to Buy:

Goodyear Assurance All-Season

Goodyear Assurance All Season Tire

This is one of the best tires for all seasons for a passenger car. The design alone makes this a high-quality tire that you need to get right away.

The stable shoulder blocks and the wide grooves will allow water to easily flow away from the contact, providing a safer drive when you need to be out on rainy and wet roads.

This tire’s design has a series of sipes that will make up a shield to provide outstanding traction. It can also provide a shorter braking distance than other tires, enhancing your safety.

This is not a good tire for you to use if you plan to do a lot of off-roading. Going off the road with these tires means that you will damage the tread and will need to replace the tire more often than you would like.

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More About the Goodyear Assurance All-Season Tire

Load Index Rating102
Speed RatingT
Tire Aspect Ratio65
  • Quiet
  • White perimeter grooves for safety
  • Shorter braking distance
  • Many sipes to add traction
  • Stable shoulder blocks
  • Not a good tire for off-roading

Overall, this is a safe tire to use on snow and ice, especially for an all-season tire. However, it won’t provide you with the off-roading capabilities that you may like, but it is a great option for a passenger vehicle.

Where to Buy:

Michelin Cross Climate SUV

Michelin CrossClimate SUV Tire

If you would like to go with a tire that will provide exceptional grip, this tire from Michelin is going to be the best choice.

The highly directional spike pattern makes this tire perform exceptionally well on dry roads.

I find this tire handles well on many different terrains, so you’ll be in good shape on every road.

This tire has 3D self-locking grooves that will help you drive safely in heavy snow conditions.

Even on roads with more than one inch of snow, this tire will do well.

The braking performance does leave a bit to be desired though, so be aware of this before you decide to drive.

This issue means you’ll have to be more cautious in rainy and wet conditions.

However, this tire does have an open side and shoulder grooves, as well as spike blocks, which help in this kind of weather.

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More Facts About Michelin’s Cross Climate SUV Tire

Load Index Rating107
Speed RatingV
Tire Aspect Ratio60
  • Good handling for dry conditions
  • A high directional spike pattern
  • Side grooves to help with good drainage
  • 3D self-locking grooves
  • 3PMSF certified
  • Struggles to brake well in wet and snowy conditions

Overall, Michelin is a great tire for you to choose for driving in all conditions. You may be a bit disappointed with the braking considering the price, but this tire will do well in many road conditions.

Where to Buy:

Firestone Weathergrip

Firestone Weathergrip

When you want a good all-season tire that also does well on multiple terrains, consider getting this Firestone tire.

You’ll notice that it handles exceptionally well on many terrains, especially on the snow.

The special rubber compound in the tire will help you when driving in both dry and wet conditions.

And the Hydro-Grip Technology Package will help to maximize handling performance, no matter the type of terrain.

The shoulder ribs and the implanted tires with ski holes are going to help you to operate safely on icy roads.

Although it is able to handle well on dry and wet roads, even on heavy snow, this one is not going to be ideal if you would like to travel off the road.

The tire compound on this tire is too soft – it’s not going to be resistant enough to cutting and chipping.

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There’s More to Know About the Firestone Weathergrip Tire

Load Index Rating95
Speed RatingH
Tire Aspect Ratio60
  • The treads allow for good performance in slippery environments.
  • 3PMSF certified
  • The WeatherGrip technology does well on snowy and icy roads
  • Hydro-Grip Technology helps you drive on rough terrains.
  • Not as durable as other tires, especially for off-roading

This tire is going to be one of the best all-season tires for performing on many different terrains.

You will also love the handling and the comfort that you get when you switch from dry to slippery road conditions.

Where to Buy:

General AltiMax RT43

General Altimax RT43 Tire

This is the perfect tire to choose if you want safety and durability at a good price.

The General AltiMax RT43 is a top contender when it comes to durability and handling on the road.

This tire comes with an exceptional anti-slip design.

You’ll notice that it also has many biting edges that help it grip the road when it is wet or slippery with ice.

When it comes to durability, this tire has LSA Technology, which will prevent it from wearing down at higher temperatures.

In layman’s terms, this makes it safer on the road. It also has an alignment indicator to help you know when it is time to replace the tires, a feature I love.

To me, the biggest problem with this tire occurs when you decide to travel at high speeds. The traction and the braking of the tire should be sufficient to keep you safe, but you may find that the overall performance is lower.

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More About the General AltiMax RT43 Tire

Load Index Rating82
Speed RatingT
Tire Aspect Ratio65
  • Impressive grip on wet and slippery roads
  • Costs are lower than other similar tires
  • Design with many biting edges
  • Provides you with visual alignment to know when to change the tire
  • LSA technology for more durability
  • Cornering is difficult if you are going at high speeds

If you are worried about spending too much on your all-season tires, this is the brand to go with. It has a lower price tag compared to some of the other tires while providing the durability, traction, and performance that you need.

Where to Buy:

Continental TrueContact Tour

Continental TrueContact Tour Tire

This tire gives you all of the advantages that you need in an all-season tire for durability, comfort, and performance all throughout the year.

It is almost impossible to complain about this tire’s performance of this tire because it will help you drive safely in all weather conditions, especially if the terrain is dry.

The EcoPlus technology and the strong materials make this a great tire to use, providing great traction, even in snowy and wet conditions. However, it may not be the best if you have deep snow all around you because it may not provide the grip that you need.

The steel belts and tires of the product are great for absorbing shock, giving one of the smoothest rides on this list. No matter how bumpy the ride, you will feel comfortable driving.

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What Else Should You Know About Continental’s Contact Tour A/S Plus Tires

Load Index Rating91
Speed RatingH
Tire Aspect Ratio65
  • Full-depth grooves provide great grip
  • 90,000-mile warranty
  • Advanced compounds for strong tires
  • EcoPlus Technology
  • Steel belts and tires for good shock absorption
  • Not the best choice for severe winters

Overall, this tire is able to handle a small amount of ice and snow, but will not do the best if you are in an area with a lot of severe winter weather.

Where to Buy:

Frequently Asked Questions About All-Season Tires

You will want to make sure that you are choosing the best all-season tires for snowy conditions right from the start. If you have mild winters, I’m a fan of just getting one set of tires for the year instead of having winter tires to store and swap seasonally.

You probably still have some questions. That’s why I’ve compiled some of the most common questions people purchasing all-season tires for snow ask.

You’ll find them below with my thoughts and guidance.

Are All-Weather Tires the Same as All-Season Tires?

Top-quality all-season tires are going to do well, even during icy and snowy winter conditions. However, all-weather tires are only good for light snow. This makes them less appropriate for when the weather is really bad.

Best All Season Tires for Winter Driving

Do I Need Chains On My All-Season Tires?

This will depend on the area of the country you live in. If you just get a bit of bad weather during the year, you may not need to put chains on your all-season tires.

Chains are usually only necessary in extreme winter weather. There are some regions where they’re required, so look into local regulations.

How Often Should I Replace My All-Season Tires?

How often you need to replace your tires will depend on a few different factors, including the environmental conditions, how you plan to use the vehicle, your style of driving, and the tire pressure.

For most tires, it’s recommended to replace the tires every 50,000 miles. Tires should be replaced at least every six years, even if they’re not used.

What Size of Tires Does My Vehicle Need?

The size of tire that you need will depend on the vehicle that you drive. You can talk with your tire professional or you can look it up yourself.

Are All Season Tires Good in Snow?

Can I Use All-Season Tires All Year?

All-season tires are designed so that you can use them all year long.

However, since each tire will use different types of compounds and technology, some all-season tires are more appropriate for winter than others.

Should I Replace All Of My Tires At Once?

It is usually best to replace all four tires at once.

Just one benefit of this is how it means you just have to remember one date for replacing your tires. And it also makes it easier for you to stay on top of tire maintenance.

When you replace all of your tires at once you can sometimes score a deal. Some tire retailers (both local and online) offer “buy 3 get 1 free” deals. That can add up to big savings.

What PSI Should I Keep My All-Season Tires?

The best PSI for your all-season tires will be between 32 to 35 PSI. You should measure tire PSI when they’ve had time to cool down.

Choosing to run the tires above the maximum pressure limit may start to cause excessive wear on the tire and even blowouts.

Too much pressure can also decrease the weight the tire can carry and cause other issues.

What Vehicles Can Use All-Season Tires?

You can technically put these all-season tires on any type of vehicle that you would like. They work well on cars, SUVs, vans, EVs, light trucks, and other vehicles.

All Season Tires for Snow and Ice

Can I Drive All-Season Tires in the Snow?

Most all-season tires are designed to do well in all temperatures, including cold ones, and they can do well in light snow.

Still, the amount of traction that you can get will depend on the specific tires that you choose.

Keep in mind that most all-season tires are not going to do well in severe winter weather and road conditions.

If you live in an area that gets this kind of weather often, you may want to look at switching out to a winter tire or even a studded winter tire during that time of year.

Do All-Season Tires Have the Mountain Snowflake Symbol?

The 3-peak mountain snowflake symbol is going to be found mostly on winter tires. As you may know, this symbol shows that the tire is rated to do well in the most severe winter conditions.

However, there are some all-season tires that will have this symbol on them.

When you see this symbol, you’ll know the tire has been tested to do well in severe weather conditions and snow. That makes them safe to use in more weather conditions than other all-season options.

Final Thoughts: Best All-Season Tires for Snow

Now you know that there are plenty of great all-season tires that do well in snowy weather. I’ve used my expertise and experience to bring you this list so you can get started shopping for the perfect tires for your vehicle.

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