Best Tire Plug Kit

Best Tire Plug Kit (and how to use it the right way)

If you’re like most drivers, you’ll probably end up with a flat tire at some point. Having a tire plug kit on hand means you can fix your flat tire, letting you be able to drive to safety to get it repaired or replaced. Today, I’ll reveal the best tire plug kit options.

As well as having a great tire plug kit, you’ve got to know how to use it. Let’s learn what you need to know.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways of the Article
  • You should have a high-quality tire repair kit in your vehicle, especially on long trips.
  • Make sure you know how to use your tire repair kit (there’s a video below).
  • I’ve found that Rhino USA, Pittsburgh Automotive, and Husky brands make the best tire repair kits. is reader supported. If you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

What are the Best Tire Plug Kits?

I’ve found you the best tire plug kits on the market. Here they are.

All of these come with the pieces you need to fix a flat tire, often at an affordable price.

Choosing the right one will depend on how many pieces you need and the type of tires you have on your vehicle.

Tire Plug Kit

Tire plug kits come with a variety of components that drivers use to plug up any holes in the tire, letting you drive to safety.

Whether you have a spare tire in your vehicle or not, utilizing the tire plug kit will help get the flat fixed until you can get to the professionals.

Each of the three kits above will help you get the work done.

Rhino USA Tire Repair Kit

Rhino USA Tire Repair Kit

One of the best repair kits for your tires that you can choose is the Rhino USA Tire Repair Kit.

This is a plug kit that will work well on UTVs, ATVs, RVs, motorcycles, and cars, making it a great kit to keep on hand whenever you hit the road.

It comes with an impressive 86 pieces so you’re certain to have the exact piece that you need when the tire goes flat.

When you want to rely on dependable repairs, you will find that the Rhino repair kit is going to have everything that you need.

You’ll find this kit versatile and perfect for repairing punctures in your tires. There are many tools available when you open up the kit, which allows you to fix the tire with ease.

While you may feel overwhelmed by the 86 pieces that are inside this kit, it comes in a storage kit that is nice and small that you can take on the road with you.

This kit means you’ll find all the tools and materials you need to fix a hole in your tire in one place. It has everything you need to do a tire plug, seal up the tire, and make the tire safe for the road.

In fact, with all these components and the ease of use, you’ll be able to use the kit and get the tire ready for the road again within 15 minutes.

And since it works on so many different types of vehicles, it will become your best friend no matter what you drive.

  • A comprehensive kit with all the components you need
  • Solidly built components
  • Includes the tools, lubricant, and plugs
  • The carrying and storage case is compact
  • Can only be used in tubeless tires

Pittsburgh Automotive Radial Tire Patch Kit

Pittsburgh Automotive Radial Tire Patch Kit (60 pieces)

The second type of kit that you can choose is this amazing choice from Pittsburgh automotive.

This one will be considered a patch and will work for all of the radial tires that you would like to fix up while stuck on the road.

While this one does not come with the same number of pieces that the first one does, many vehicle owners will find that the 60 pieces inside will be plenty to get the job done.

This kit is a good choice for those who need a kit that is easy to use and won’t cost them too much.

You’ll get a lot of different components to fix many flat tires before you must purchase another one.

With just a little bit of work, you’ll be able to use the patch to help cover punctures and tears as quickly as possible.

This one is beneficial over the other repair kit because it can work on more types of tires, including rafts, inflatables, and bike tires to name a few.

The one drawback that comes with these is that the patches do struggle if you try to use them on larger tires. They’re best for smaller tires.

However, for a quick fix until you’re able to get to the professionals, you’ll find that this is a great repair kit to use.

  • Will be able to fix tears and flats in the tire
  • Can get the repairs done in minutes
  • Will include metal scuffers and patch glue to get the work done
  • Provides many patches in multiple sizes and shapes
  • Works the best in smaller tires

Husky T-Handle Tire Repair Kit

Husky T-Handle Tire Repair Kit

The third option on our list is the Husky repair kit.

This one is a good combination of the other two in that it works well for patches and plugging up the tires.

It also comes with far fewer components at 18, making it less versatile than some of the other options.

However, it still provides some of the components that you will need when choosing a kit to repair the tires.

The Husky repair kit is one of the best kits that can handle all types of problems with your tire.

You’ll find that the tools as well as the sealing solutions will work great for tears and punctures, providing a patch or a plug for each tire seal that is necessary.

It also has tire patches, plugs, and some useful rubber cement to help seal up the tire, along with other components that will make your job easier.

When you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, this is the kit that you need. However, this one is a little more challenging to use and you require more strength to get the job done compared to some of the other tire kits we have discussed.

Some customers have found that it is hard for them to create a seal that is secure enough to prevent a slow leak, so this is just enough to get you to a repair shop to really fix the tire.

  • Works on many problems in the tire including tears, cuts, and punctures
  • Compact to take along with you
  • Comes with all the tools necessary to take care of the tire
  • Includes tire patches and plugs.
  • Will require a lot of strength to get the components in place
  • The plugs can be challenging to insert and seal up

How to Use a Tire Plug Kit

Once you have had a chance to pick out which tire plug kit you would like to use, it’s time to learn how to actually use it.

Some of the steps that drivers may use with the tire plug kit include:

How to Plug a Tire

Here is how to plug a tire step-by-step:

1. Find where the hole is.

If you have trouble finding the hole, use some water with soap, add air, and watch out for the bubbles.

2. Once you find the issue, take out the item that caused the hole.

This is often easy, but if it is stuck within the tire more, then drivers may use some side-cutters to help.

Make sure to position the tire so that you can pull out the item easily.

3. Put the reamer in place.

This takes some effort as you need to push the reamer so that it makes its way through your steel belts.

You can use a twisting motion to help push it through. You can then saw the reamer from the tire to make a hole big enough to put in the plug.

4. You will need to pull your plug.

You will need to pull your plug so it is no longer on the strip and then make sure it goes through your eyelet with the installer tool.

Most drivers find that the pliers will help get this done. Drivers may use those to help pull the plug so it goes through, about halfway.

5. Put the plug in the tire.

If the kit comes with some liquid cement, you can apply a bit to the plug before you add it to the tire. You can push the installer into the hole into the tire until you get the plug about ¾ of the way through.

Take the time to twist the tool and then pull your plug out. The plug should stay in place while the tool comes out.

You can trim away the excess or leave it to wear down while driving.

6. Fill the tire so that it reaches the right PSI.

Drivers may use your portable air compressor if you have one or you can get somewhere that will provide you with the air that you need.

It is a good idea to have an emergency repair kit for your vehicle before you hit the road because it is impossible to tell when the tire will work well and when it may run out of air along the way.

Emergency repairs will help get you to a repair shop so that you can get the tire fixed by a professional. In other words, they can prevent you from being stranded on the side of the road!

What are the Different Types of Tire Repair Kits?

There are several types of kits that will help your tires work well again, based on what you think will work best for your tires.

Some of the options that you’ll be able to choose include:

Tire Patch Kits

Tire patch kits are an easy-to-understand option. They include a simple piece of rubber that is able to adhere to the tire.

When you have a tire that gets torn or punctured, you’ll be able to stick this in the area causing you problems and the rubber will be resealed.

Patches can be a good choice because they give a lasting and strong seal that will keep you safe. However, they do require you to put in some elbow grease to get them to work well. Also, they won’t work for large punctures or holes.

Tire Plug Kits

Tire plugs are designed to work the best for holes and punctures rather than for rips, tears, and other issues that show up in the tire.

Using a Tire Plug Kit to Fix a Tire with a Hole

They will include some small strips of rubber or leather compounds. You’ll insert this into the hole of the tire with a tool found inside, creating a solid seal that can go into the tire. This will make sure that the air doesn’t leak.

Plugs are good if you have a screw or a nail in your tire that has a small hole, but they will not do the best for some of the bigger issues of the tire.

Combination Kits

The best tire repair kits will include one solution that will work to plug or patch your tire, based on the problem that comes up with them.

These kits are more expansive and will come with more components, but can provide some good peace of mind when you’re on the road and want to make sure your tires are safe.

Final Thoughts: Best Tire Plug Kit

There are many great repair kits for tires on the market that you are able to choose from, and there is not necessarily a one size fits all solution.

Take the time to look at all of the options and see which of these kits is going to work the best for your needs and consider one of the three options above.

And remember, the fix you get from one of these kits is just temporary. I recommend driving to a tire shop or mechanic right away to get your tire repaired or replaced.

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