Where to Buy Used Tires

Where to Buy Used Tires (and how to know they’re safe)

Let’s face it: new tires are pricey! Maybe you’re wondering whether it’s possible to purchase used tires and put them on your car. And if so, you need to know where to buy used tires if you can’t find a great deal for tires online. Keep reading to learn more.

There are certain online retailers who will work with you to help you find used tires for your car.

The trick is to make sure the tire you want to purchase is still road-safe. You’ll also want to ensure that you won’t end up having to replace it much sooner than expected.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways of the Article
  • If you buy used tires, purchase them from a reputable vendor that does full safety testing.
  • Even tires that have rarely been used will be unsafe to use when they’re older than six years old.
  • In most cases, new tires are a better investment than used.

Where Can I Purchase Used Tires?

Customers can find used tires at stores like Discount Tire, Les Schwab, Mavis Discount Tire, and Tire Factory. These tires range in price based on the available brands, and all of them will offer installation to make it easier to put on. Most of the used tires you can choose won’t include a warranty, which means you’re taking somewhat of a risk.

Where Can I Purchase Used Tires?

Not all tire retailers, in person or online, choose to sell used tires.

While some customers may prefer to purchase used tires, rather than having to pay full price for their tires, there are some risks involved and so many retailers choose not to do it.

You’ll have to shop around and look at different websites to see whether they sell used tires or not.

Whether you just need to replace one or two tires or you want to replace the whole set, picking out the right type of used tire is going to make a world of difference in the amount that you pay for the tire at the store.

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Why Should I Purchase Used Tires?

While many experts recommend purchasing new (as opposed to used) tires to stay safe on the road, there are benefits to going with used tires (as long as you choose good ones).

The main benefit is potential cost savings.

Why Should I Purchase Used Tires?

This is a big factor, especially if you need to get all four of your tires replaced.

If you want to go with used tires, make sure you buy them from a company that thoroughly inspects all used tires before re-selling. Make sure that they’re safe.

Going with used tires means you do something good for the environment. After all, using used tires is a kind of recycling.

If you want to do something good for the environment, save money, and get a good deal, then a used tire (from a company that does thorough safety inspections) is one of the best options for your vehicle.

How Do I Choose a Good Set of Tires?

The first thing to look for is the inspection process that the retailer does.

Stay away from companies that don’t thoroughly inspect and safety-check the used tires they sell. You should look for a seller that makes sure all the tires they sell are safe for their customers.

How Do I Choose a Good Set of Tires?

If the retailer doesn’t list out their process of checking out the tires, you can ask them or complete an inspection of your own.

The first thing to look at is the tire’s tread depth.

Never go anything lower than 7 to 9/32” tread depth. You want that amount to be even higher if you are looking at a truck or SUV tire to use.

Anything less than this is going to mean the tire will wear out to a hazardous level too quickly, and you will sacrifice things like traction, comfort, and longevity.

Try to look at the tires in person to see if that helps you look at the tread length, or you can read through the listing to see what it says.

Look around for other issues with the tire as well. See whether there are some bald spots on the tire or even some uneven wear marks.

If you see some of these on the tires that you choose, then you need to pick a different tire.

Your goal should be to choose a used tire that looks as close to new as possible to get the best deal for the money that you spend.

Old Tire Like New

You should also take a look at the age.

Never drive with a used tire that is six years old or older. That is dangerous.

After this time, the rubber will start to dry out and break down.

Check out the tire seams. Make sure they don’t have any defects.

You should also check whether they are any plugs or patches in the tire, splitting seams, or bubbles. If you notice any of these, stay away from that tire!

These are signs that the tire will struggle to hold onto the air. Damage in the seams is enough to cause a blowout, so do not purchase a used tire that shows these signs.

How Much Will I Save on Used Tires?

The amount of money that you’ll be able to save on a pair of new tires will depend on the type of tire that you choose and even the vehicle you decide to put them up.

Old Car Tire vs. New Car Tire

In some cases, it is possible that you will save up to 80% on the used tires when compared to the same tire if it’s new.

The average is about 65% for most tire websites, but you can shop around to help you find the best deal for your tires.

When Should I Buy Used Tires?

Used tires can be a great option if you notice that your current tires are wearing out or going bald, which can be dangerous.

When Should I Buy Used Tires?

You can also consider them if you hit a pothole and just need one tire, you need to replace either the two front or the two back tires, or you have another simple problem with just one or two of your tires.

It is possible to purchase used tires any time that you need some tires on the vehicle and you want to get a good deal that is going to save you a lot of money.

Since new tires can be expensive to work with, having some used tires may be the best option to help you out.

Disadvantages of Purchasing Used Tires

Many vehicle owners wonder whether they should go with new or used tires to keep them safe.

While it is possible to find some used tires from reputable companies online, you have to be careful.

Disadvantages of Purchasing Used Tires

There is always more risk with buying used tires, and you should do a lot of research on the company you buy them from. Find out what kinds of safety inspections they do.

Also, for obvious reasons, used tires don’t last as long as new tires. That means you’ll have to replace them more quickly.

While older tires may seem like they’re more cost-effective to purchase, you’ll actually get more value out of the purchase if you choose to go with a new tire.

How Much Will I Save on Used Tires?

Some of the risks you may face when purchasing a used tire include:

Fewer Regulations

The regulations on used tires are not as strict as you will find with new tires.

No Notifications on Quality and Safety Recalls

Used tires won’t receive notifications with quality and safety recalls.

Used Tires Safety Recalls

You Won’t Know the Tire’s Full History

It is impossible to tell how the previous owner treated the tires.

Difficult to Inspect

Used tires are difficult to look over for damage

Don’t Come with a Warranty

Used tires won’t come with a warranty.

Used Tires Warranty

Your tires are an important aspect of your vehicle’s health and its safety on the road.

Because of this, you should consider purchasing new tires instead of used ones. They may cost a little bit more, but they’re a better investment and will give you more peace of mind.

Final Thoughts On Where to Buy Used Tires

There are many reputable retailers that sell used tires and you can save a lot of money by going this route.

But sometimes saving money in the short term means spending more over the longer term. And this is often the case with buying used tires.

In most cases, I recommend buying new tires instead of going the used route. If you do want to purchase used tires, though, find a reputable vendor that does meticulous safety testing.

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