Do Tires Come with Rims

Do Tires Come with Rims? (or buy those separately?)

As a driver, you may find buying new tires one of the more boring things to spend money on. But they’re an essential part of your safety on the road. If you’re going to buy new tires soon, you may be wondering: do tires come with rims or will I have to buy them separately? Keep reading to learn the answer to that question and more.

The answer is no, tires don’t come with rims. You have to buy your tires and rims separately. Tires can also be installed separately, but there may be some value in installing new tires and rims together.

Tire Rim Sitting on Top of a New Car Tire

As tires are an expensive investment, I recommend getting and installing some new rims at the same time. But of course, that comes with added expense.

So, what are the benefits of buying and installing new tires and rims together? What are the downsides?

Let’s find out!

Buying Tires vs Buying Tire and Wheel Packages

When you purchase tires you have the option to just buy new tires for your car, or to purchase a tire and wheel package.

The option you choose will be determined by what’s currently on your vehicle, and what you need (or want) to upgrade.

Are Tires Sold With Rims?

You’ll pay more money (as you’re buying and installing two different parts), but sometimes you can get more value by replacing your tires and wheels together. Certainly, you’re going to save some money by paying a mechanic to install new tires and rims at the same time.

There are also other reasons, including the fact some drivers want separate tire/wheel sets for summer and winter driving.

However, investing in tires and rims at the same time is not always the best choice. Some motorists prefer to keep the same set of wheels at all times, while there are other reasons to avoid the tire and wheel package.

When You Should Just Buy Tires

While there are plenty of reasons to own two sets of wheels, it isn’t for everyone. Many drivers prefer to take the cost of replacing tires on their current wheels rather than swap out the whole set.

This could be because the owner has no storage space for an extra set of rims with tires, or because they use their wheels throughout the year

One of the biggest reasons to store two sets of wheels is to have one for the warmer seasons and a set with winter tires for colder months. Some drivers simply don’t live in locations where winter weather is severe, so they don’t need the additional set of winter wheels/tires.

Also, if you have plans to sell your vehicle in the near future, I recommend you don’t buy an additional tire and wheel package.

When You Should Buy a Tire and Wheel Package

As noted above, perhaps the biggest reason to store an extra set of rims and tires is for winter driving. In places where severe winter weather like snow, ice, and slush are common, winter tires are often mandatory.

Instead of swapping the tires onto existing wheels, some drivers opt to have a separate set of rims with the winter tires already installed.

If you have a vehicle with a nice set of wheels, you probably don’t want to expose them to harsh road conditions during the winter months. Buying a less expensive set of wheels with tires already on them is ideal to protect the expensive rims.

For example, damaging steel rims during the winter won’t have the same replacement cost as scuffing your alloys worth hundreds of dollars.

Having two wheel sets, one for winter and another for summer, can also help you avoid a visit to your local tire specialist.

Changing tires is a task for a professional but changing wheels with tires already installed is something most enthusiasts can do themselves.

About the Process of Buying New Tires

Shopping for tires is hardly something drivers want to do, but it is necessary to get your purchase right. Your vehicle requires specific tires that are the best fit.

Choosing the wrong tires can result in alignment, balance, and traction issues.

When you shop for and buy new tires, you have a few options. You can go to a local tire center or superstore, or you can shop online and have them shipped to you, or to the service center of your choosing. Here are the best places to buy tires online in my experience if you’d like to check prices.

Tire Rim Display in a Retail Store

Here’s a useful chart comparing buying tires locally and purchasing tires online.

Why Buy Tires Locally

  • No hidden fees – Online purchases often look cheaper than heading to the shop, and sometimes they can be. However, you may get stung by additional costs such as shipping and taxes. Often that sweet deal isn’t as good as it looks.
  • Expert Advice – There is nothing quite like having an expert give you advice. Online resources do an excellent job of informing you, but they cannot turn you into a tire professional. When you visit a tire center, the specialists there can help you select the best tires and rims for your vehicle.
  • Discounts – Tire centers often have promotions and deals, such as perks for returning customers, package deals for installing rims and tires, or service promotions (for example, tire installation, balancing, and alignment for a cut price).

Why Buy Tires Online

  • Convenience – There is no doubt that buying anything online is convenient, and this is true of purchasing tires. You can buy from the comfort of your own home.
  • Avoid Confusion – Forget needing to understand the string of numbers and letters on the tire sidewall that tell you size and other metrics. Online tire stores allow you to enter your vehicle model, year, and make and will locate the correct tire for you.
  • Access Reviews – While online consumer reviews can be misleading, you can research the quality of your chosen tire through reputable testers like and Consumer.

Price Matching – This is a perk you can find both online and with local buying options.

When you locate a hot deal for tires online, your local tire store may be able to beat the price.

Many tire centers have price match deals or other incentives. The worst that can happen is the shop says no!

How Much Do Tires Cost?

There are various factors that determine the cost of a tire, including its size, mileage ability, manufacturer, and quality. If you’re on a budget, you can pick up inexpensive tires for around $50 to $150 per tire. Moving up to the mid-range, you’ll be looking at a cost of between $100 and $350 each.

Specialist tires, such as those for high-performance cars or off-road vehicles, can range from $300 to thousands of dollars.

How Much Does a Rim for a Tire Cost?

Rim cost varies enormously. They range from affordable to extremely expensive.

Tire Rims For Sale

How much you spend depends on the type of wheel you want to buy.

Here are the different types of wheels on the market.


Steel is the most basic rim and also the kindest on your wallet.

They don’t look nice (think your spare rim in the trunk and you have the idea), but you’ll only pay around $30 to $80 for steel wheels.


If you want a nice-looking or custom rim, alloy is the most common material choice. It is more expensive than steel, usually costing anywhere from around $100 to thousands of dollars.


Chrome is usually available only on luxury vehicles. These rims are not really made from chrome, but rather an alloy with chrome coating.

Either way, you could spend anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars for chrome wheels.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Rims and Tires?

If you have chosen to install tires and rims together, the obvious question is how you’ll pay.

Tire Getting Mounted on a Steel Rim

Clearly, you’ll be paying more than you would for just the tires, but you may be surprised by you how affordable a tire and wheel package can be.

Tire Mounting

As well as the cost of the tires themselves, a regular tire fitting will set you back around $20 to $50. The cost will depend on which tire store you use, your location, and the vehicle you have.

Tire and Rim

Installing a rim is actually easier than installing a tire, so the cost for mounting a wheel with a tire is between $10 and $15 per rim. However, if you want to mount a rim and then install a tire in the same service, you will have the cost of the rim installation and tire mount together ($30 to $80).

Do Tires Come with Rims? (not always, but they can)

Normally, the tires you buy and install don’t come with rims. However, if you want to include a rim it is possible to do so.

This is known as a tire and wheel package and involves mounting the rim and tire together. Whether you should do this or not depends on many factors such as your location, exposure to winter driving conditions, and cost.

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